There’s Been A Shooting Downtown, Where Her Daughter Was Last Seen



Claire was enjoying the French nightlife when word of a downtown shooting hit local news.

She was in town to visit her daughter, Tess, who was studying abroad — the same daughter whose whereabouts were currently unknown.


Her phone calls went unanswered. Tess’ home was empty.

Alone in a foreign land where she didn’t speak the language or know the surroundings, Claire’s panic mounted.


She reached out to her ex-husband for help, and together they retraced Tess’ footprints, online and on the street.



It led to one place – the heart of the city, where the downtown shooting had escalated to a hostage situation.

In the dark of the night, this mother’s wild hope was a beacon of light.


Watch ‘Friday Night’ by Alexis Michalik (France/United States) on Viddsee:

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