Should Children’s Books Comes From Dreams Or Nightmares?


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A children’s book author and her cast of characters have a good thing going: she writes the words, and they’re the pictures.

But happy tales of colourful cowboys, swashbuckling pirates, and adventurous astronauts are old-fashioned. They don’t sell anymore. The publishers are demanding something with a cynical edge.


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Danny’s not comfortable with that, and neither are the Wild Bunch.

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But she writes the words. That’s just how things go. As she edits her manuscript, Danny feels himself transform, his very being twisting.

Into something darker.

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‘Danny And The Wild Bunch’ has won Best Short Film at Las Vegas Film Festival 2014, Best Animation at Catalina Film Festival 2014 and Asheville Film Festival 2014, Best Fantasy Short at Beverly Hills Shorts Festival 2015, and more.

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