This Shy Introvert Finally Has His Hands On His Beautiful Crush



Motor’s job as a lifeguard at a ladies’ seminary was both his blessing and a curse.

Here was a bevvy of possible romantic interests primed for this young teen’s attention, but he was too shy even to say hello.


His timid nature grew worse around the latest sign-up at the pool.

Cindy, the enchanting young swimmer, had an inviting smile; one he wished to be the lone recipient of.


One lucky day, fate and a severe cramp allow him to rescue an overwhelmed Cindy.


With her in his arms finally, it was the perfect moment for a bold move.

Perhaps a little late, but better than never.

Watch ‘A Boy Like Me’ (池邊的男孩) by Ren Xia (Hong Kong) (任俠) on Viddsee:

‘A Boy Like Me’ is part of the HK Cinema, The Next Generation channel featuring the works of students from the Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, School Of Film And Television. View more films from the channel here.

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