Because All Monsters Know Their Prey & All Monsters Know Their Own


Badbug SS4 KRK

Gho, a reclusive cartoonist, is up against two big battles. One is with an editor who doesn’t believe in him and his stories. The other is with Bad Bug, the super villain his stories are based on.

Badbug SS1 KRK

The comic book and the fantasies he has created is more than just a job — the publishing house, the young executive, and the overbearing publisher all exist in his alternate reality.

Badbug SS3 KRK

Badbug SS5 KRK

It wasn’t just a monster of his own making; it’s a monster he knew because he knew his own.

Watch ‘BAD BUG’ by Moogen (Korea) on Viddsee:

‘’BADBUG’ was selected to compete at short film festivals in Colombia, Mexico and in Korea. It was a finalist at the IFVA Awards in the New Asian Force Category.

It won the top prize at the Comic Con International Independent Film Festival in the US in the Best Comics-Oriented Film category.

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