With Joy In His Step And Love In His Heart, This Dog Raced To The Very End


I Am Simon ss2 krk

Fast. He’s fast, and the wind rushes just as quickly as the trees by him. His paws disappear under him. He’s running. He’s never felt so strong.

He has his People, and he loves them, never wanting them to grow up or leave them. But he feels freest among his own, playing in the streets and leaping across drains, running. It was heaven.

I Am Simon ss4 krk

I Am Simon ss3 krk

Life was good. He was as strong as his paws carried him. And it would carry him through life, and across the watery passage of death.

I Am Simon ss1 krk

Because all dogs go to heaven.

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This animation won 14 top prizes and screened at multiple film and animation festivals worldwide. More on the director here.

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