A Guy Is Mocked For Thinking Love Is Simple. Is It Such A Bad Thing?


Ameen Ss5

The mosque is the only home Johan knows. He works and lives there as a mosque helper, learning about life, love and religion through the visitors. It’s his life, and his social life.

He takes a liking for Sharifah and Yati, two girls from a nearby school. He isn’t sure how to approach them, or navigate the world of girls or love.

Ameen Ss1

He’s a simpleton, but he’s earnest and honest in every way.

His friends egg him on to recite the Al-Fatihah prayer to the girls, in a prank to prove that he is sincere in his friendship.

Ameen SS7

How far will he go for love?

Watch ‘Ameen’ (آمين) by Sanif Olek (Singapore) here:

‘Ameen’ was inspired by Sanif Olek’s contemplation on unconditional love, sexuality and religion, based on his schooling years at an Islamic madrasah, a public school, and at an all-boys Methodist missionary school.

These institutions impressed on him that unconditional love for fellow human beings was an universal ideal.

‘Ameen’ is featured in our special Asian Film Archive’s channel on Viddsee.

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