Is Singapore Soulless, Full Of Only Concrete And Food?


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A letter arrived from Singapore to Max in Houston, Texas. It was an appeal from his terminally-ill Grandpa Chen to fulfil a dying wish.

Max was given three clues to find the final missing puzzle to complete Grandpa Chen’s magnum opus, “My Homeland.”

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Armed with a vintage medium format Yashica and a supply of film rolls, he hot-footed through some of the most iconic Singaporean landscapes.

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After extensive research, he presented a photo of the iconic Toa Payoh dragon playground to Grandpa Chen.

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But that wasn’t what Grandpa Chen was looking for. Grandpa Chen was unimpressed with Max, and even more so when Max called Singapore “soulless” and full of only “food and concrete”.

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He had overlooked that what Grandpa really wanted was at his doorstep, and already within reach.

Watch ‘My Homeland A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen’ by Jastine Tan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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