Singapore Is A Top City To Live In, But What About When You Die?


Final Sendoff SS1 FI

Who are the people who care for the dead lovingly and carefully before their final sendoff?

This documentary puts a face to a bereavement care in a first world economy, where needs for urban development and land scarcity creeps its way into cemeteries and new burial systems.

Meet: a man who exhumed 120,000 graves, a family-run business, entrepreneurs in the professionalisation of services, and an embalmer from Australia.

It’s a business for sure, and a necessary service. But their stories are heartening, human, and fascinating. It’s regarded as a noble profession, and one that they carry out with pride and honour.

Watch ‘The Final Sendoff’ by Axel Toh Singapore on Viddsee:

Axel’s documentary is part of the Filmmakers@DFT Channel on Viddsee.

Here’s an inspiring short film about a young makeup artist who ends up working in a funeral parlour, and finds honour in her new career path. Watch ‘Sunflowers’ by Quek Shio Chuan

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