This Tin Collector Found Cold, Empty Hearts Like The Tins He Collects


Tin Kosong SS1 KRK
Life is rough for this tin collector in the sunny island-state of Singapore, though not in the ways you suspect.

The main character in this story has a big heart and a cheerful outlook on life.

He’s alone in the world, but that doesn’t bring him down.
Tin Kosong SS3 KRK

This short film has a hyper-real dreamy dance number to express the his sunny outlook in life.

Once it ends and he’s brought back to reality, he finds that Singapore isn’t the same dazzling paradise he fantasised about.

In fact, people can get pretty mean.

Nothing is ever what it seems, even what he says and thinks about his late wife.

Watch ‘Tin Kosong’ by Sanif Olek (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Tin Kosong’ was adapted from a short story of the same name by Mohammad Salihin Sulaiman. The short film is produced for Utter, an initiative by Singapore Writers Festival that celebrates Singaporean literature adapted into other art forms.

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