Can Singing Be A Career In Singapore? Get Inspired By This Series


Dream Seekers web series Richie Koh
Behind the scenes of Dream Seekers, the band with Richie Koh as lead singer

Despite what motivational quotes may say, pursuing your passion isn’t always a straightforward path to happiness.

Dream Seekers’, a Viddsee Originals series by Sun Ji, follows Hui Ling (Teresa Tseng), a young university graduate who has a secret dream of being a singer. However, her path to pursue her dreams is hampered by two factors — crippling stage fright and her parents disapproval.

How to be a singer when you have stage fright

Through her persistent best friend Jamie (Joyce Ng), Hui Ling gets introduced to a new band at school called Dream Seekers. Helmed by lead singer, Zhi Jie (Richie Koh); guitarist, Ser Lang (Norbin Ngoh); bassist, Da Bao (Tan Yong Qing); and drummer, Xiao Ji (Lim Chunjia), the rag-tag group of hooligans become Hui Ling’s extended family as they come together to chase their dreams.

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Watch ‘Dream Seekers – Ep 2: Dream Seekers’ by Sun Ji (Singapore) on Viddsee:

“Singapore is not a place to pursue singing”

Hui Ling’s parents are supportive of her dreams, as long as it’s practical. Blue-collar products of hard work, her middle-income family sees stability in the form of a job with a steady paycheck.

A career in the creative industry given the financial commitment of living in the most expensive city in the world is a death knell. Yet with her burning talent and the support of her band, Hui Ling perseveres to chase happiness.

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The right support can make chasing impossible dreams less painful

In conceiving ‘Dream Seekers’, Sun Ji wanted to celebrate Mandarin-pop music especially F.I.R. who shaped his childhood and honour a personal experience during university.

“Years back when I was still a student filmmaker, I gathered a group of passionate filmmakers, all with different characteristics. We had a chemistry that made us work well together and have fun. Together, they made the process of chasing dreams less painful and more enjoyable.”

Dream Seekers web series Teresa Tseng & Sherry Tao Ying
Hui Ling (Teresa Tseng) struggles between her band and her disapproving mum (Sherry Tao Ying)

On the topic of pursuing creative endeavours, he also wanted to share a lesson about dreams.

“As a filmmaker I am not a stranger to the word “dream”. The truth is, dreams are often hard to achieve. It is like climbing a mountain with someone pulling you back to the ground.”

Watch ‘Dream Seekers – Ep 5: Reunite’ by Sun Ji (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Nonetheless, Sun Ji compares the themes of ‘Dream Seekers’ to the process of making a film. It takes a village to bring a dream alive, and with the right energy and mixture of talent, the process can be less daunting and, quite possibly, achievable.

Watch ‘Dream Seekers’, the latest Viddsee Originals series now!

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