Sleep & Be Free! If You Won’t Listen To Your Mum, Listen To Mandy!


Mandy Sleep, Still 2

Do you get 16 hours of sleep? Cats get that and Mandy’s a bit jealous.

Mandy is a young school girl who dreams to be like a cat. She likes how they are carefree and sleep most of the day.

Mandy Sleep, Still 4

Wouldn’t you want that? Who wouldn’t want to be a cat and just care less? It’s wishful thinking we’ve all had, to sleep through boring lectures and indifferent classmates… and Mandy lives the life we want:

She takes us through a trippy, colourful world to prove the benefits of sleep (it accelerates time, space, and defies gravity!).

Mandy Sleep, Still 5

Her world is fast, playful and exciting. It’s not a bore. We like her, and want to buy in to her logic.

Oh and yes, there are cats.

Watch ‘Mandy’s 8 Theories of Sleep’ here:

‘Mandy’s 8 Theories of Sleep’ was nominated for Best Art Direction at the Singapore Short Film Awards.

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