She Could Be Battered But Never Broken, Until They Stole Her Joy



This North Korean refugee held the only source of joy in her life tightly to her chest.


She had little control when she was trafficked during her escape from the motherland, or when she was sold for carnal comforts to a Chinese man.


But her baby, Hee-Young, was a reminder that there was still beauty in this world.

When her joy was ripped away with her subsequent sale to another man, she nearly broke.



But for Hee Young, she bounced back the only way she could.

This sobering story is based on actual events.

Watch ‘Sleep Well, My Baby’ by TwinTaoers (Aaron Tao & Winston Tao) (South Korea & China):

‘Sleep Well, My Baby’ was made by Liberty in North Korea, an organisation that funds the rescue of North Korean refugees from being trafficked and exploited. Read more about the charity here and the filmmaking process here.

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