An Injured & Broken Man Becomes A Blessing To Others


The Smiling Migrant Man SS2 KRK

You don’t have to be rich to be charitable, or to be a part of a better world.

Here’s a man who found new purpose in life in spite of his misfortune.

Shabdar Ali has nothing to be cheerful about: his body was broken, his future was bleak, he’s a minority who has little to no recourse to justice if exploited.

In spite of his own circumstances, he blessed others by helping them regain their own dignity, at the organisation Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) in Singapore.

Here’s his inspiring story.

Watch ‘The Smiling Migrant Man’ from Our Better World on Viddsee:

Warning: Contains graphic content

This short film was made by Juliana Tan and Bernice Wong for Our Better World, a storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation.

The TWC2 is built on the vision that a society should recognise and value the contributions of migrant workers to our households, economy and country. The volunteer-run non-profit promotes the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Singapore.

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