He Relieved Himself In Public. Was His Only Crime Getting Caught?


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When you got to go, you got to go.

Raman did it publicly and got caught. He got slapped the first time… that was getting off easy!

He’s a street food vendor in the city. It’s hot, business is slow, the hours are long.

He’s disillusioned, hates his job and resents his wife’s nagging. They’re not making money, but they pushed on, daily, in the heat and in the streets.

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But there’s one discomfort he cannot hold off – he needs to pee. The street has no public toilets and he does what comes naturally to him, with some consideration for public decency.

After one such release, he finds that the local authorities relieved him of his business.

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Enraged, his wife offered an innovative solution to the problem. They had not considered that their solution exposed him to the beastly social media circus.

Was his only crime getting caught?

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