She Wanted Him To Pay Attention To Her. Only Her.


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He’s left for summer camp, and in his absence, this girl tunes in to her boyfriend’s life with the Internet.

Social media is the stage where our lives plays out. His updates play out on stage, as if in a theatre. She’s a dutiful, loyal audience.

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But he’s busy, and she’s worried that she’s being ignored.

She tries to get his attention.

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It’s a tragic misstep of judgement.

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Viewer discretion: Suitable for mature audiences only.

‘Send’ was selected to screen at numerous film festivals, including the SXSW. It won Grand Jury Prize at Oak Cliff Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize at San Francisco International Festival of Short Films, Spirit Award at Brooklyn Film Festival and Silver Couch Award at Couch Film Festival.

Peter shares that this film was inspired by an incident from high school, based on a viral photo she sent to a boy she liked. More on that in this interview.

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