He Finally Declares He’s Gay, In A Church, At His Own Wedding


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The groom is getting cold feet, but getting cold feet before the wedding isn’t extraordinary.

Except that, in Timo’s case, his are with valid reasons. He’s gay as can be, and he’s about to get married to a girl.

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He’s doing it for his parents’ happiness, but deep down, he knows this marriage will be nothing but a sham.

If he goes through it, he will be closeted forever. He will lose his identity.

This marriage of convenience is turning out to be rather inconvenient.

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Is it too late to turn back?

Is it too late to tell his parents and all the wedding guests in the middle of a church wedding, that he just can’t marry a girl?

Watch ‘Conq Ep 9: The Wedding’ by Lucky Kuswandi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Episode 9: The Wedding’ is the final of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. If you missed the build up to this finale, watch the web-series in full here.

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