These Soldiers Drew Guns At Each Other Over A Football Game


Offside SS1

Two Israeli soldiers are patrolling the border between Israel and the Palestine Authority.

They have no one but themselves and a portable radio, broadcasting snatches of commentary on a football match. It’s the World Cup final between Brazil and Italy.

Suddenly, the soldiers are ambushed by a pair of armed Arabs.

Offside SS2

Four guns are drawn but no one shoots. The tension mounts as enemies on both sides of the fence tune in to the commentary.

All four listen in, unsure whether to continue to shoot, until both games end. Is all’s fair in love, war and football?

Are there be any winners in this stand off?

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This short film, ‘Offside’ is a powerful statement about the futility of war. It was made as follow up to ‘Strangers‘ shot in Israel at the security zone that separates between Israel and the Palestine Authority.

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