Solitude Was His Only Companion, Until He Met The Homeless Man



He had the fitted wardrobe, swanky apartment and high-flying job. Still, all the trappings of success couldn’t fill the void in this businessman’s life.

Estranged from his family, he cut a lonely figure as he flitted between the office and his empty home, ignoring calls and letters from his mother.


Everything changed in a chance meeting with a homeless man.

A tenuous connection develops between the two strangers. For the first time in a long time, the lonely man forms roots that help ground him.


When an accident threatens this bond, he is deeply affected, shaken to the core.


He realised he was no longer content to be alone.


With a single letter, he reached out. And found his way home.

Watch ‘Heaviness And Lightness’ by Gustavo Tachibana (Brazil) on Viddsee:

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