Some Friendships Don’t Last Past College. Hold On To The Ones That Do.



Friendships in school are easy, effortless. There’s no need to make time for each other because the mandatory classes and shared schedules ensure that happens already.

But it’s outside the school walls, when the demands of real life weigh heavily, that those friendships may find themselves crumbling under the pressure.


When Xiao Hui’s father gets diagnosed with cancer, the carefree bond with her best friends becomes fractured.

Xiao Hui could feel a growing distance between them. Things weren’t the same anymore and they were acting weird around her.


She was right, her best friends were indeed hiding a secret. One, that when finally revealed, would make Xiao Hui realise just what kind of friends she had.

Watch ‘BFF’ (有情常在) by Kelvin Sng (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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