Someone Understood His Bad Dreams. Saw What He Sees.


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Jonah is a loner, self-harming bully at a clinic for troubled teens. He also bullies everyone into doing things they don’t want, except the new boy he’s sharing his room with.

Richard doesn’t react to his aggression. Jonah was curious about this unflinching character. He draws, sketches, and hardly said a word to him.

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But as time passed, they both bond after knowing each other’s secrets — they have the same big bad dream. Richard saw what he sees. He just kept on drawing.

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The Last Time I Saw Richard ss4 krk

The same evil sprites with the same skinny fingers reached out for them, crouched by them, crept up to them when they sleep.

But just when Jonah realised he had a friend, it was just as well that he could never scratch out what got under his skin.

Richard drew out the best and worst in him.

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