Someone’s Knocking On The Door. She Knows Who It’s Coming For.


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It’s Halloween, and Murielle was out trick-or-treating. A friend dared her to knock on the door of an abandoned mine, said to be inhabited by a witch. Three times she knocked, and three times she heard the witch knock back.

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Murielle flees for home; certain the witch is coming after her. Her sister Emma tries to comfort her, telling her that the knocks she heard were just echoes. There’s no need to be so scared.

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But when someone starts knocking on their front door, Murielle panics and hides under the bed. She calls for Emma to join her, but Emma has second thoughts.

It’s Halloween after all. When people knock, you open the door or risk getting your house egged by unhappy trick-or-treaters. You just have to be careful who you open the door for.

Watch ‘Knock’ by Joseph I. Martinez and Will Martinez on Viddsee:

‘Knock’ won Best Paranormal Horror Micro Short at Fear Fete Horror Film Festival. It was also an official selection at numerous film festivals, including FANGORIA International Online Film Fest, ShriekFest Film Festival, and Pasadena International Film Festival.

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