Letters To God: 5 Stories Of Hardship, Spirituality, And Humanity


Steeve gave up his worldly possessions to become a monk, but it did not come without hardships

Filmmaker Eileen Chong’s latest documentary series, ‘Letters To God‘, casts the spotlight on five individuals and their unique spiritual journey.

We enter the world of a monk, an Indian funeral chanter, a spirit medium, a Christian family, and a selfless funeral director.

Each of them has had to confront deeply personal challenges, but the struggle has enlightened their spiritual journey and life mission.

One Humanity, Five Spiritual Journeys

In ‘111 – Steeve’, we follow the journey of Steeve who gave up his wife and rewarding career to become a monk to find the meaning of life.

Sukaraan from ‘222 – Sukaraan’ is a Hindu funeral chanter matured after a scarred childhood found a path forward with inspiration from his grandfather.

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333 – Subana’ follows Subana and how, after years of denial, she finally accepted her calling to become a spirit medium to bring joy to those who are suffering.

Learn about Subana’s interesting journey from aerobics teacher to a spirit medium!

We see repentant mother, Miki, leaving a life of drugs and imprisonment to become whole again with her family in ‘ 444 – Miki’.

Finally, in ‘999 – Tommy’, we are introduced to a capeless superhero who voluntarily makes funeral arrangements for forsaken elderly individuals in Singapore.

Follow Tommy’s journey from young gangster to a funeral director

Filmmaker Eileen Chong Wants You To Crack The Secret Code

“With humanity in the foreground and religion in the background, Letters to God explores the life of five different individuals,” explains director Eileen Chong.

“No matter what our beliefs are, we share similar struggles and ideals. We all go through good times and hard times.”

“Our journey may be different, but the fight for intangible things like love, freedom and purpose is similar,” she adds.

Filmmaker, Eileen Chong

To encourage deeper engagement with the series, Eileen has also included ‘secret codes’ in front of each title that is related to the episodes. The three-digit codes are meant for the audience to decipher and interpret.

“It’s supposed to be philosophical, and there’s no right or wrong in this. It’s like a little puzzle that I inserted, not sure if people would get it but hey, I’ll take my chances,” quips Eileen!

Will you be able to decipher the codes?

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