Paraplegic Overcomes Self Pity, Rides 1,200km To Inspire Others


Sri Lestari's Journey, Still 1

Sri Lestari lived out of a wheelchair for 10 years. But she overcame her fears and embarked on a journey to inspire others by chalking up 1,200km on a motorbike.

“I feel free,” she says of being on her modified bike. It’s a hell lot of gumption and self-belief to make the best of devastating circumstances, but she dared to dream.

Sri Lestari, Still 2

But this road trip isn’t just about herself, her goals, or her ego.

She travelled from Jakarta to Bali to tell others that it’s also possible: fellow paraplegics, amputees, school children, and everyday folks.

Sri Lestari, Still 6

The three weeks is a first for her, and she has many other firsts as well, including being on a boat, swimming, and even surfing.

She’s celebrated for this amazing feat, and also for her inspirational journey and empowering message about self-pity and self-belief.

Watch this documentary about her amazing journey on Viddsee:

Sri is a social worker attached to the organisation UCP Wheels for Humanity. Click here if you wish to support her work.

Sri’s story was recorded by Peter Wall for the storytelling initiative Our Better World.

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