She Stared At Her Father. In Under Four Minutes, She Had To Reach Out.


Relationship Reconnect ss4 krk

A social experiment that is a necessary reminder about family ties, in this time and age.

Five couples submitted to four minutes with each other, cameras rolling. First, they stared at each other awkwardly, smiling, trying to diffuse the tension. Then they began to reach out to each other, tenderly.

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There was a father and daughter duo, two married couples, and two pairs of siblings. They realised: she realised dad had grown old, one husband couldn’t remember the last time he hugged his wife, another husband realised his wife was his lifelong partner, and the two siblings, well, the two siblings moved us from tears to full-on sobbing.

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It’s hard enough to stay still for four minutes, but for them, it was four minutes of a lifetime.

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