The Stars Aligned For Her True Love To Come Back, Once Again



Leung Ku Chek knows relationship break-ups.

It’s his business. He owns a break-up consignment shop, where people sell items, from their relationships that previous ended.


It’s been a place of healing , sharing and some oddities.

Leung has not denied a sale yet, until he meets Grandma Cheung.


Grandma Cheung had one true love, Chui. He was kind and self-sacrificing. He always had her best interest at heart.


But war separated him from her.


She waited years for news of him, but to radio silence. She kept his memory alive, by taking care of his only gift.


But all the waiting has taken a toll on her, and she sees letting go as a way of healing the past.

Leung realizes that unlike his previous clients Grandma Cheung had something different, something real. Instead of giving up on love, Leung encourages her to keep hoping.


It’s as if stars align for both to meet and see Grandma Cheung’s true love again.

Watch ‘The Break Up Store’ (分手寄賣店之蝶戀花盒子) by Chau Man Leong on Viddsee:

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