Choose: Starve To Death, Or Live Long Enough To Become A Zombie?


M Is For Malnutrition sw ss1 krk

Food is getting scarce in a world increasingly populated by undead beings that feast on human brains.

M Is For Malnutrition sw ss4 krk

Two people, both hungry and desperate, find themselves fighting to the death for a single can of food.

M Is For Malnutrition sw ss3 krk

It’s eat or be eaten, and there’s no such thing as sharing.

Watch ‘M Is For Malnutrition’ by Peter Czikrai (Slovakia) on Viddsee:

‘M Is For Malnutrition’ was an official selection at Landshut Short Film Festival, Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival, Full Moon Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, and more.

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