They Steal And Burn Each Other’s Stuff. A Prank War To The Very End!


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No ordinary friendship, this.

Joko and Widodo are friends from childhood. Their love-hate relationship continues through to their old age.

And even now, their childish nature persists. They keep pranking each other.

Joko loves to shoot and eat Widodo’s chickens, while Widodo retaliates by setting Joko’s house on fire.

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It happens exactly the same way every single time, but to them, the joke never gets old.

There comes a time when Widodo moves to the city to live with his son. Joko visits him with a fried chicken, and it’s anybody’s guess where the chicken came from.

Friend ss1 krk

Though he jokes about it, it is obvious that Joko misses his buddy in the village.

Widodo tells his son he wants to move back to his village. But there is a twist in the tale.
Who has the last laugh?

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