Step Inside Jakarta’s Iconic House Of Pain, Where Broken Bones Go



Since the 1960s, broken bones in Jakarta have found their way to this home.

Haji Naim is Jakarta’s legendary masseur, and his name is still the most trusted in repairing cracked bones and bruised bodies.


Through a unique blend of traditional massage and modern science, Haji Naim created a fix for broken bones and sprained tendons.

The service they provide is no scam. Local hospitals often refer their patients here.


Haji Naim’s clinic issues no medication, at most, a suggestion to consume calcium supplements to aid bone growth and strength. Nor do they have a service fee — patients can offer what they can for their treatment.


Since his death in 1981, his children have been carrying on the family business.

Jakarta’s iconic House Of Pain continues to be in good hands.

Watch ‘Legendary Masseur Haji Naim’ by Santirta Martendano (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

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