A Faith Healer In A Railway Slum Finds Magic in Poetry, His Muse


Musa SS3 KRK

Life goes on quite simply in this railway slum. Life happens. Sickness is bearable, but death is tragic.

But in this chaos, there is healing. A poet and faith healer by the name of Tatang serves this railway community.

Tatang is known to be a powerful, mystical man even as he’s not always quite all there. He uses poetry to heal, and also through unknown powers channeled to him through a gorgeous woman known as his Muse.

Musa SS2 KRK

Although his verses are beautiful and his craft powerful, he carries a heavy burden. He has treated most of his clients but has also lost some of them.

What he doesn’t know is the Muse has also found another healer in the slum.

But first, there has to be tragedy.

Watch ‘The Muse’ by Dexter Cayanes (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Musa’ won the Best Direction award at the 2009 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent film festival.

The verses recited in this short film are by two great Filipino poets, Jose Corazon de Jesus and Amado V Hernandez.

Dexter, the director, is an accomplished writer and poet and is a professor at the De La Salle University. He has directed another poetry-inspired short, ‘Panggaris.’

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