The Son Of A Sex Offender Is Paying For His Father’s Sins



This little boy raided the post box of his neighbours daily hoping to find and hide one particular letter.

In South Korea, schools and families receive a notification if a sexual offender resides in their area.

He didn’t want the community to discover the truth about his father.


In a box in his closet, he hid his shame, the constant reminder of his father’s crime.

Try as he might, he couldn’t cover the past, nor could he rewrite the present.


When one of his friends starts a witch hunt to uncover the offender, he breaks into his house to steal the letter.

He didn’t count on being intercepted.


But he made a drastic escape, and this innocent boy suffered the sins of his father.

Watch ‘The Mole’ (두더지) by Yoo Jonghee (South Korea) on Viddsee:

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