Introducing StoriesTogether: Giving Hope Through Films During COVID-19


One silver lining through these cloudy days of COVID-19 has been the wondrous human ability to come together for good. It has never been more important to stay connected and stand united.


At Viddsee, we want to continue to connect through our shared love for entertaining stories and to always give you a space for us all to find and support each other. And that’s where we bring you StoriesTogether, a regional initiative bringing together our community of storytellers, audiences, and partners to give hope through films in this challenging global pandemic.

Let’s watch inspiring and entertaining short films together

Under the StoriesTogether banner, we’ve planned out several activities for viewers and filmmakers.

For our audiences, we’ve created a dedicated StoriesTogether channel, which features a growing list of short films that aim to inspire, cheer, and entertain viewers.

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This will be supported by weekly watch parties on YouTube and Facebook conducted in English (#TogetherAtHome) and Bahasa Indonesia (#DiRumahAja), short film premieres, and sharing sessions with filmmakers about their favourite films.

LockDown Cinema Club: raising funds for affected Philippines film workers

The channel also features collaborations with other similar initiatives across the region such as Lockdown Cinema Club, a Philippines-based fund-raising activity that aims to help 1,000 low income, no work-no pay film industry workers. Watch all you want and give what you can!

And while we’re holed up in our homes watching our favourite films and series, many of us are realising just how important it is to encourage our storytellers — the directors, writers, photographers, actors, crewmen, everyone who’s involved in making a story come to life — to keep on doing what they do best.


A StoriesTogether Content Fund in Singapore

To help them through these tough times, we recently launched our StoriesTogether Content Fund. Backed by the IMDA, this content fund will have Viddsee Studios working with Singapore media companies to create a variety of short films and series over the course of a year.

But that’s not the end of it. We’re also eager to collaborate with media partners and brands in giving some happiness during these bleak times — if you think we share similar goals, we’d really like to hear from you. You can get in touch with us at, and let’s work something out.

We’re living through unprecedented times and are doing all we can to get through it together. We will strive to keep bringing you awesome short films that delight and inspire you.

Stay safe, stay home. Let’s get through this together.

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