Story Of A Broken Home By This 9 Yr Old Is A Story Of Hope


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The arguing started when he was six.

Over 20 slides, this nine year old narrates his parents’ falling out and the subsequent divorce.

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But while they weren’t husband and wife anymore, they were still his parents. This is a simple and sweet display of acceptance, and how he chose to redefine what a family really means to him, as a son.

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Kids often carry the scars and wounds from broken homes right into adulthood. We’re glad Azka’s healing started early.

And, sniffs. Grouphug time, everyone.

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Azka, born Azkanio Nikola to celebrity parents Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina Oktarani, is said to be the youngest Youtuber in Indonesia. Azka on Instagram

His dad says that he and his ex-wife still tear up every time they watch the video. “It’s proof that we’ve succeeded as a parents even if we failed as husband and wife,” he said.

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