The Stranger Chasing Him Could Have A Knife. Nobody Stopped To Help.


Fear Eats The Soul ss14 krk

Hao finds himself followed by a stranger who didn’t disappear from the corner of his eye. He looked behind his shoulder, and the man was still there.

From a healthy jog he began sprinting away from this mysterious character, who didn’t let up. Across streets, through markets, and urban wastelands.

Fear gripped his heart. It wouldn’t stop pounding, he didn’t stop pounding the asphalt.

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Fear Eats The Soul ss6 krk

Nobody stopped to help.

But compassion wasn’t dead in this city. He just slipped up.

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The filmmaker says: This film is inspired by an incident of indiscriminate killing on Taiwan’s metro system in 2014, when there was an atmosphere of rage, fear and anxiety in the society. Trust among people was lost. With this film, the director wishes to awake the benevolence in people toward one another.

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