Street Begging Is Not The Worst Thing This Mother Forced Her Kids Into



Pandoy’s mother is changing his clothes. But she’s not getting him ready for an outing.

“Don’t cry or shout in the place you’re going to.” Comes her sinister warning to him.

Young Pandoy, with a cast on his hand, innocently accompanies her to ‘the place’ where she hands him over to a man in exchange for money.


She then waits outside, smoking and drinking, while her child is losing his innocence behind the closed doors.

“You owe me your lives!” She yells when confronted by her other children about this.


They have all been through the same. Begging on the streets during the day and being sold off to lecherous men at night.

Will their lives ever change? Can they get their lost childhood back?

Watch ‘Pandoy Can Only Be A Child Once’ (Minsan Lang Maging Bata Si Pandoy)by Rachel Ariston (Philippines) on Viddsee:

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