A Stubborn Mother Tried To Sabotage Her Daughter’s New Home



Newlyweds Jane and Sam had just put the final touches on their new home when their doorbell rang.

It was Jane’s mother, Sue, who did not come empty-handed.


Armed with a magnifying glass, Sue was determined to ruin their housewarming. She wanted to scrutinise everything closely for faults, and turned her nose as she turned about every corner.


But her mission fell apart upon sitting on the sofa. It was impressive and inviting, much like the house, with nary a fault in sight.



Sue’s fear of being replaced in Jane’s life like a piece of old furniture made her cling to her stubborn ways.


Little did she know her daughter’s master plan.


Disappointed by Sue’s hostility, Jane laid her cards on the table. It brought tears and a smile on her mother’s face.

Watch ‘A Star In Every Home’ by Jun Yuan Tan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘A Star In Every Home’ is commissioned by Star Living. To learn more about the brand’s furniture and home decoration, click here.


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