Meet Juree Singapore 2019 Finalist Joshua Poh of ‘Something About Evee’


Overwhelmed by grief, a new widower gets an AI assistant to help him forget, to un-love. However, can a machine develop feelings like love? This student graduate film ‘Something About Evee’ was made by Joshua Poh, is an in-competition selection for Viddsee Juree Singapore 2019!

Joshua Poh, director and writer for student graduate film Something About Evee.jpg
Joshua Poh, director and writer for Something About Evee

He shares more about his film below:

From Temasek Poly, Student Graduate Film, Something About Evee

Tell us a bit about yourself and your team!

My name is Joshua Poh, I just graduated from Temasek Polytechnic, and I aspire to be a film director. This short was created with eight others for our final year project.

Something About Evee starring Louis Wu Luo Yi as George.jpg
Something About Evee starring Louis Wu Luo Yi as George

What is the inspiration behind this short film? Feel free to elaborate!

This idea came about when I was thinking of a concept for the Temasek 20/20 film project.

Something About Evee, Can you unlove someone.jpg
Can you un-love someone?

And at that time, I was introduced to the idea of Artificial Intelligence and how terrifying technology has evolved. To think that AI can understand human behaviours by just analysing the tone, facial movements, it is fascinating!

As I dive deeply into the topic, I started questioning whether our emotions are taught, or are we born with it?

Something About Evee tackles the subject of feelings and love, can they be programmed, or is it part of our nature.jpg
Can feelings be programmed, or is it part of our nature?

And if we are taught to feel, doesn’t that blurs the line between machines and human? That was the question that drives this short film.

Watch ‘Something About Evee’ by Joshua Poh Wei Da (Singapore) on Viddsee!

Could you share with us what your main challenges were in putting this together?

The biggest challenge for this film was creating this film. Being a student project, it was a big challenge to pull off such a high-concept film. However, I feel the most challenging task was creating the character Evee.

We were glad and honoured to receive the support from our lecturers, and our cast, Louis Wu and Onn Shu An, for giving us this chance to produce this film. They were very supportive even though it was our first time making an AI short film.

It gave us the motivation to push on throughout the creation of this short film!

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