This Girl Learns That There Is Honour As A Funeral Makeup Artist



A young makeup artist finds herself in an underwhelming career with a embalmer-undertaker.

It wasn’t a job she signed up for, but she kept on because of the money. It paid well, surprisingly. Working with a very experienced embalmer, she learns that there is honour in the job.

She learns that there’s beauty in death. And that goodbyes are tough in a morgue, as it is in life.

Gently, she lets go.

Watch ‘Sunflowers’ by Quek Shio Chuan (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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‘Sunflowers’ was inspired by his grandfather’s death, says Quek.

“Looking at the him for the last time through the glass panel of the coffin, lots of emotional thoughts rushed through my head. But of all things, the pearl placed on his lips caught my attention.”

Quek’s curiosity about the symbolic pearls into afterlife led him to discover more about the life and work of undertakers, the bereavement industry, and the tangle of emotions and strife family members of the deceased often have.

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