Indie Music We’re Loving From The Fantasy Adventure Film ‘SUNSHINE’

via 'Sunshine - Short Film' Facebook production album
via ‘Sunshine – Short Film’ Facebook production album

Jacky Lee, the director of ‘Sunshine’ describes his film as “Michael Cera meeting Lady Gaga on Halloween night.” It’s an outrageous premise, referencing pop culture icons. Expectations were definitely high.

The outstanding music curation deserves a special highlight for its charm, spunk and character in this quirky fantasy adventure.

Five Albums

This short film was awarded Best Sound at the 5th Singapore Short Film Awards. Here are the awesome tracks that should be listened to in whole. It made us dance, and we hope you will too — at least keep your toes tapping!


Sunshine, Artful Dodger Music Opening

INCH CHUA is hailed as one of Singapore’s most successful indie-pop singer-songwriters. The distant strings and gentle snares of ‘ARTFUL DODGER’ lured us into the lead character’s sneaky getaway, and adventure!


Play or purchase ‘Artful Dodger here ($1.30 SGD)


Before the two universes of the ‘geek’ and ‘runaway girl’ collide, SUNSHINE by the retro-rockers THE PINHOLES hints at the adventure that will begin. It’s rollicking fun, edited into the scene but deserves to be heard in full!


Play or purchase ‘Sunshine’ here ($1.50 SGD)


The melodious vocals and gentle strings in ‘BEAUTIFUL CRASH’ ushers the duo into an inexplicable drive through dark and silent streets. It’s by the ‘post-apocalyptic’ rock band B-QUARTET, a fitting melancholy in the film’s monochrome transition.


Play or purchase ‘Beautiful Crash’ here (USD1)


The energy bumps up a notch with KEVIN LESTER‘s infectious tunes, SSA. It’s a head bumping joy with very tightly written lines. Kevin is a solo hip-hop artiste, ‘a poet in progress’ who has travelled widely with his music — also at SXSW. Damn cool stuff.


Play ‘SSA’ here. Download it for free, or name your price.

#5 – ‘YOUTH OF GOLD’ (BY THE PINHOLES)Sunshine Dancing at 12-32

The film’s youthful exuberance comes to live in another track by THE PINHOLES. ‘YOUTH OF GOLD’ wouldn’t be out of place in a road trip playlist!


Play or purchase ‘Youth of Gold’ here ($1.50 SGD)


The lush and soulful plea of ‘THERE IS NO LOVE’ bleeds into the last scene, and into the end credits. It’s a mellow taste of dawn, and of a (un)fulfilled longing. Depending on how much emo you’ve built up through the 15-min film, the lyrics could be a stark contrast to the film’s ending!


Play or purchase ‘There Is No Love’ here ($3 SGD)

This is a great song for a road trip, down the highway… with our pals. Wait. What are we saying? All these songs belong in a roadtrip playlist! ‘Sunshine’ is a damn trippy film, and we’re glad to tag along. Here’s hoping there’s a sequel!

If you haven’t watched ‘SUNSHINE’, enjoy:

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