Cabbie Picks Up Runaway Mystery Girl, Goes On A Drive Of His Life!


Sunshine Rwrte SS2

There’s so much awesome in this misadventure: a young boy steals his dad’s cab in the middle of the night, picks up a runaway girl.

Runaway girl is a mysterious character. Extremely blasé, ballsy, and has kick ass costumes. She has at least six outfit changes.

Sunshine Rwte SS1

They find things that go bump in the night, and a gaggle of colourful characters who look like they escaped a cosplay convention!

Sunshine Rewrte SS3

‘Sunshine’ was directed by Jacky Lee, with Joshua Lim & Linda Hao playing leads. Linda, a known name in Singapore’s DJ and fashion circles, also worked on the costume design.

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‘Sunshine’ won Best Sound at the 5th Singapore Short Film Awards. If you loved the tracks, check out these bands: B-Quartet, The Pinholes, Kevin Lester and Charlie Lim.

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