“Support Local” Is Simply Not Good Enough. It’s All About Economics.


Gundah Gundala ss1 krk

Even superheroes need to be schooled.

Economics, supply and demand — a saturated market, low demand for an undifferentiated product.

Sounds familiar?

Gundala is the Son of Thunder. He’s a local superhero.

Gundah Gundala ss3 krk

He doesn’t look it, but he can run as fast as lightning and can chug down hot coffee in a second.

Yet, there are no jobs for him. He’s hopelessly unemployed. The western superheroes have come to Indonesia, and are doing what Gundala used to do.

Everyone else has moved on. They even adapted to just doing work part-time. The market was changing. There are new players.

Gundah Gundala ss2 krk

He doesn’t develop new skill sets. He’s content being who he is, and expecting the world to conform and accept him.

But if even Batman started giving out free t-shirts, surely Gundala needs to improve on marketing himself… no?

Should you support your local hero, just because he’s local?

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