He Suspects His Pregnant Wife Is Cheating. That’s Only Half The Truth.


Apple Of My Pie ss2 krk

“She’s the apple of my pie,” says a heartbroken Charlie.

“Eye,” his friend Lyon corrects him.

Not funny. Not at a time like this.

They are waiting in a car, keeping an eye on Charlie’s pregnant wife. She seems to be waiting for someone outside a hotel.

Charlie suspects she’s cheating on him. He calls her mobile phone, and sure enough, she says she’s at work.

He can’t take the lying and cheating anymore.

Apple Of My Pie ss5 krk

He wants answers. And he has a gun.

Apple Of My Pie ss4 krk

Lyon tries to calm him down, but all in vain. Charlie gets out of the car to confront her. Then it gets ugly. Real ugly.

Watch ‘The Apple of My Pie’ by Tariq Mansor Zulhairi (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘The Apple of My Pie’ was the Official Selection at the 2015 Los Angeles CineFest and the 2015 TOFF The online Film Festival.

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