He Cried When He Realised Dad Was Trying His Best To Be A Good Father


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This dad has brought his son, Haoribao, back to the prairie. The little one is a spitting image of himself, but a little stubborn, like his late-mother.

There’s an obvious communication breakdown — they hardly talk. His son isn’t interested in his surroundings, and is plugged in only to his music player. Everything was alien to him.

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But a song broke the silence: first in anger, then it brought both of them together.

Over the vastness of the unspoken, over the Mongolian plains, here’s a beautiful portrait of two lonely souls, one man, one boy, longing and yearning for love.

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And when the storm cleared, they went home.

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This short film won the ZTE VPclub Best University Student Micro Film Award at the China International (KingBonn) New Media Short Film Festival, Golden Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Narrative Short category at the DC Chinese Film Festival.

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