Defying Physical Barriers, Taking Big Strides Towards A Better Life



When we think of movement, we think of physical freedom and independence. But movement is more than just that – it is also the progress of the mind and breaking free of mental barriers.

Documentary photographer Mindy Tan captures the story behind Rifky, a student at Rainbow Centre and Wendy Seet, a senior who spent most of her life in a wheelchair after contracting polio as a child.


Rifky runs towards independence

Rifky sometimes struggles with managing his emotions, but that has not stopped him from rising to the position of the futsal team captain at school. Playing futsal has empowered him to lead a team and find his independence and his way in the world.


Although she is a wheelchair user, Wendy is happy and independent


Wendy has been a wheelchair user since contracting polio as a child. She also doesn’t have full use of one hand.


But Wendy has a life philosophy: “Being happy means you won’t grow old.” Despite her physical limitations, she is determined to be fully self-sufficient, and to travel to wherever she wants…


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