Tale Of A Son Who Wanted To Learn Dance & Found His Own Footing


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Takeshi wishes he saw more of his father. He would wait anxiously for his father’s return, sometimes past his bed time.

His father is a museum worker who dedicates his after-work hours practising the “Kumiodori”, a traditional Ryukyu performance art.

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One night, after watching a performance at the theatre, he was lured away by a monkey and on stage. It was there he met the “Marumun”, who later became his guardian as he, too, ventured to the stage.

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After that encounter, Takeshi began to learn the ropes of the art. He dedicated his after-school hours at rehearsal with his father, and gradually found his place and earned the respect of his troupe.

He was hyped for his first debut. The Marumun waited with him backstage.

At his cue, he entered the stage, but suddenly stumbled, panicked and lost his footing.

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But he remembered his teaching, and executed his part well.

The Kumiodori was his father’s passion, but now, Takeshi would wait back stage no more. Together as a family, they returned with dance.

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