The Tale of Three Elvis Impersonators, Their Passion & Friendship


The Kings SS2 KRK

Meet Elvis, Elvis and Elvis.

Jega Theesan, Jimmy Lee and Nelson are three tribute artists who perform, practice and became friends as members in the Elvis & Country Group.

They consider themselves to be above the class of karaoke talents, as they take the business of impersonation very seriously.

The Kings SS3 KRK

They realise that Elvis is a blessing and privilege, and do not misuse their talents for financial gain.

And they have a whole lot of fun shaking, rattling and rolling, prepping for the commemorative Elvis Presley event at the community centre.

The Kings SS4 KRK

Backstage, they share a camaraderie and support each other when a wave of nerves come before the show. These are nimble, spirited 60 year olds who found a common bond in music.

As this short documentary comes to an end, the Elvises pay a moving tribute to the King, and to friendship.

Watch ‘The Kings’ by Victoria Stephanie Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This documentary is part of the Shoot From The Heart channel on Viddsee.

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