A Tale Of Two Cities, Two Boys & Their Imagination, Battling It Out


Playground Ryosuke Oshiro SS4

In this visually stunning and beautifully soundtracked short film, a little boy and his friend wander into an empty yard with nothing much to do.

As young boys tend to do, they delve into the recesses of their imagination and build fantasy worlds.

Playground Ryosuke Oshiro SS5

The friendly game quickly escalates as their fantasies catch fire and they end up trying to out do each other.

They go back and forth, casting new worlds out of nothing more than their minds, but like many friendships that grow together too fast, they get annoyed with one another.

Playground Ryosuke Oshiro SS1

The building and destruction of each fantasy parallels the trials of growing up alongside your friend. Sometimes, friendly competitions turn fiery and the need to be bigger and better outweighs the value of the friendship.

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At the end, one boy bests the other. Watch to find out which one has the bigger imagination!

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