A Budding Actor’s Never-Say-Die Attitude Made The Casting Director Cry


Talent House ss1 krk

The road to fame is painful.

Try, try again until you succeed — this is the spirit of Kris Law, a wannabe-actor and serial auditioner.

Talent House ss2 krk

He may not be very talented, but what he lacks in talent he makes up with persistence.

Behind the scenes and back home, he stays by his phone, waiting patiently for the call that says he’s got the role.

Talent House ss4 krk

It’s a lonely journey, a path less taken, a barrage of rejection. He doesn’t give up. He tries to convince a casting director that he has what it takes, through many, many, many attempts.

Talent House ss3 krk

He finally nails it.

Here’s his comedic and slow rise to fame!

Watch ‘Talent House’ by Darrel Tan Hyon-Lè (Malaysia):

Talent House was Darren’s second submission to Malaysia’s BMW Shorties short film competition. It was the top 10 finalists in the BMW Shorties 2012 edition. His earlier attempt is a dark psychological crime thriller, Breathe.

Here’s another look at determination. Watch this Taiwanese short film ‘Roche Limit’ on Viddsee

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