Mum Never Knew What To Say, So She Taught By Example


Pineapple SS1

An unschooled, single mother tries to raise her daughter the best she could — by teaching her to question the world. That was all she could give; and all her daughter needed.

Pineapple SS2

They got by with a small fruit business in the market. There as only so much she could give her daughter. But there was also trust, and the confidence that her daughter will survive by her own instincts and curiosity.

Pineapple SS3

This girl, ‘Nin’, learnt how to sell pineapple ice cream by watching other vendors. Her mother encouraged her to observe other people and learn from them.

Today, her curiosity and passion for learning has culminated in a career as a teacher in an elementary school, assisted by a scholarship that saw her to college.

Pineapple SS4

And the education that she’s passing on won’t just be the syllabus given to her, but also the life experiences her mum taught her.

Here’s her story, as recorded by Sarnrak. Watch Pineapple:

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Nin’s mother had never been in school, yet she became Nin’s role model and mentor. This is truly inspiring story about parenting, and a testament of of parenting done right despite the circumstances of poverty.

This is a three-part series about the lives of scholarship recipients provided by an initiative of Thailand’s largest GPS mobile phone operator, AIS. The scholarship and initiative Sarnrak Konkeng Huajai Krang (Good Kids, Great Hearts) hopes to stimulate parents into realising that learning can be initiated in many ways.

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