A Taxi Driver Picks Up A Strange, Beautiful Passenger…


Red Umbrella SS3 KRK

Nobody likes going home to a nagging wife, so this cab driver stayed on the streets just a little longer, trying his luck.

A beautiful passenger flagged him down. She’s quiet, tired, and not very keen to keep the conversation going when he starts talking about his life.

Red Umbrella SS1 KRK

She bails on him when he finally gets to her destination, and she left him nervous, shaking, and chain-smoking.

Red Umbrella SS2 KRK

He then went on his way home, finally.

Watch ‘Red Umbrella’ by Andri Cung & Edward Gunawan (Indonesia):

‘Red Umbrella’ won Best Asian Short Film at Screen Singapore and the Ladrang Award for Best Short Film at Festival Film Solo 2011 in Indonesia. It also competed at Europe On Screen in Indonesia and the Festival Film Indonesia.

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