Mum Apologised For What She Did, He Cried For What He Had To Do Next



When she was lucid, A-Li was was a loving and kind grandmother. She doted on her grandson, the apple of her eye.

But those moments were becoming increasingly rare, as A-Li’s bipolar disorder worsened.


The only person in her family who continued to have hope in her condition was her son, Jing Ming. He alone pushed back against the tide that wanted her out of the house.


But everything changed when A-Li accidentally hurt the person she loved most. It was unintentional, but what happens next could no longer be left up to chance.


Stuck between a rock and a hard place, both mother and son found solace and strength in one last embrace.

Watch ‘The Absence’ (離岸) by Bu-Yi Zhang (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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